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Clovis Utility Services

City utility services include water, sewer, street sweeping, and garbage, recycling and green waste collection. 

The Finance Department makes it easy to start or stop utility services. Utility service requests to start or stop service can be received via the automated voice form system, speaking to a customer representative over the telephone, or over the counter. Requests to start service received any time during the day will usually result in service started the next business day. 

The utility billing phone – 559-324-2130 – is staffed from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Hours for walk-in service are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The Finance Department is located in City Hall, 1033 5th Street, Clovis, California 93612.

Utility Rates

The minimum for residential service as of July 1, 2014, is as follows: 

  • Water by Meter (10,000 gal.) -$16.80 
  • Refuse Collection 96 gal -       $46.84
  • Refuse Collection 48 gal. -      $44.48
  • Street Sweeping -                    $  4.50 
  • Sewer -Residential -                $56.40
  • Recycling  -                             $  6.74
  • Greenwaste -                           $  9.88
  • Extra Garbage Toter -              $23.42
  • Water charges over 10,000 gallons-
  • 10 - 35,000 gallons  $1.71 per thousand gallons
  • 35 - 70,000 gallons  $2.14 per thousand gallons
  • over 70,000 gallons  $2.57 per thousand gallons

Please see Utility Billing frequently asked questions for an example of water used in excess of 10,000 gallons calculation.

Billing Period

Utility billing occurs every two months and each account is billed for a two-month period of service. Since all water services within the city limits of Clovis are on water meters, bills are sent after the water meters are read (in arrears).

Utility bills will vary with water use. Bills tend to be higher in the warmer months and lower in the cooler months. Since water meters cannot all be read on the last day of the month water meters are read throughout the month and water charges are calculated from the last reading date to the most current reading date. 

For example, if your water meter was last read on September 7 and the most current reading was on November 7, your bill would show utility charges from October 1 through November 30 and water charges from September 7 through November 7. 

Tarpey area customers are provided with water only from the City of Clovis. If you are a resident in this area your garbage service is with Allied Waste, a private refuse company for trash pick up and with the City of Fresno for sewer service. The water account must remain in the name of the owner of the residence unless the residence has a meter. 

Commercial sites are billed similarly to residential customers. Commercial sites will have different refuse rates, sewer pretreatment charges, metered sewer rates, and metered water. The rates for refuse will vary depending on the type and frequency of service. The rates for sewer pretreatment and metered sewer will depend upon the type of business that is being operated at that site. 

Service Fees and Collection Charges
  • Start Service Deposit for Single Family Residence - $100.00 
  • Meter testing deposit - $ 60.00 
  • Late Penalty (First Time) - $ 5.00 
  • Late Penalty (Second Time) - $15.00 
  • Late Penalty (Third Time) - $25.00 
  • First Delinquency - $25.00 
  • Second Delinquency - $35.00 
  • Third Delinquency - $50.00 
  • Returned check fee - $25.00 
  • After hours turn on - $125.00 
  • Same day turn-on For Water Shutoffs - $50.00 
  • Tampering fee - $175.00 
  • Damage fee after tampering - $500.00
Online Bill Payment System

Paymentus LogoThe City of Clovis has contracted with Paymentus to handle utility bill payments through the city’s website or by telephone (877) 281-4366. When you select the link to make a payment you will be transferred to the Paymentus website. When making a payment the following details will apply: 

  • If your water has been shut off you will need to pay the amount due on your account plus an additional $50.00 if you wish to have your water turned on the same day (if you make your payment before 5:00 P.M.). If you only pay the amount due on your account, your water will be turned on the next day. If you turn on your own water you will be subject to an additional $175.00 tampering fee even if you have made your payment. 
  • Payments can only be made in $500.00 (or less) increments excluding the $3.95 processing fee for each payment made through Paymentus. That means the most you can pay at any one time is $500.00 plus a $3.95 processing fee which will equal $503.95. If your utility bill is greater than $500.00, then you will need to make separate payments as follows: 
    • Example - Utility bill = $530.50 
    • First payment $500.00 + processing fee $3.95 = $503.95 
    • Second payment $30.50 + processing fee $3.95 = $34.45 
    • Total utility payment to the City of Clovis = $530.50 + Paymentus processing fees of $7.90 = Grand total paid = $538.40 

If you are making multiple payments, the system will continue to list the amount due as $530.50, even after you have made the first payment. We will receive notification of all payments during regular business hours. 

If your balance is less than $25.00, then you can carry over the balance to the next billing period without penalty. For example: if you owe $519.70 and make a maximum payment, your adjusted balance will be $19.70. This balance can be carried over to the next billing period without penalty.

By selecting this link, you will be leaving the City of Clovis website for a site that is not maintained by the City of Clovis. The City of Clovis takes no responsibility for and exercises no control over non-City of Clovis sites, the view that may be represented, or the accuracy, privacy policies, copyright or trademark compliance, or the legality of any material contained on these sites. By selecting this link, you will be leaving the City of Clovis website for a site that is not maintained by the City of Clovis. The City of Clovis takes no responsibility for and exercises no control over non-City of Clovis sites, the view that may be represented, or the accuracy, privacy policies, copyright or trademark compliance, or the legality of any material contained on these sites.

Payments may be mailed to: 

  •  If the account number is known and is included with the payment: City of Clovis, Post Office Box 3007, Clovis, CA 93613-3007. 
  • If the account number is unknown: City of Clovis, Finance Department, 1033 5th Street, Clovis, California 93612. 

Utility bills can also be paid at City Hall. There are several ways to pay your bill for your convenience. You can pay by phone or online through Paymentus. You can pay bills in person at the cashier's window, or drop your payment in the payment box located on the counter of the cashiers' window inside City Hall during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The cashiers can accept payments in cash, check, or credit card. You can also drop your payment into any one of the two drop boxes located outside of City Hall. One is located in front of City Hall on Fifth Street at the curb and the other is located directly in back of City Hall on the sidewalk. For your safety, please do not put cash in any of the drop boxes. Payments received in the drop box are given same day credit even if received after 4:30 p.m. For example: if a payment is due on Friday and you cannot make it to the Finance Department before 4:30 p.m., then you can drop your payment in the drop box anytime before the office opens on the next business day and your payment will not be late. 

Please note that when moving within the City of Clovis a new utility account number is assigned. That means that any internet payment made for the new address will have a different utility account number. 

Automatic Bill Payment 

Tired of Writing Checks and Paying Postage? The City of Clovis is offering a free optional service that could make paying your city utility bill more convenient. With Automatic Bill Payment, your recurring utility bills will be paid automatically. This is a free service that eliminates the need for you to write out a check each time a bill is due and saves the cost of postage for mailing your check to the city. Your payment is always made on time, so there are no worries about late payments or late fees, even if you are on vacation. 

To enroll for this free service, simply complete the lower portion of the Automatic Bill Payment Form, detach and return it along with a voided check (to show your bank account codes) to City of Clovis, 1033 Fifth St. Clovis, CA 93612. Please keep in mind that it usually takes two billing periods for the automatic bill payment to be activated. Once activated, the billing will indicate “Auto Pay” in the balance due box.

Utility Service Forms
Utility Service Forms
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