Thursday, January 29, 2015
Clovis Fire In Action
Organizational Vision

The Clovis Fire Department is dedicated to serving the people of our community and we will work to continue to exceed community expectations. We will provide leadership locally, regionally and nationally. We will establish and strengthen partnerships and cooperate with allied agencies to enhance our service. We will provide the best service possible within the fiscal opportunities available. We will exercise foresight in planning, preparing and auditing for the safety and wellbeing of the community. We will promote confidence, trust and self-reliance through personal and professional growth. We will support our workforce to maintain a healthy lifestyle and perform duties in a safe and responsible manner. 

Value Statements

We Value the Clovis Way of Life Through… 

  • Teamwork – empowerment of our personnel to provide quality customer service 
  • Traditions – remembering the past 
  • Innovation – always seeking to acquire knowledge and skill 
  • Integrity – adherence to moral and ethical principles 
  • Honor – integrity in one’s beliefs and actions 
  • Respect – deference to the rights or opinions of others 
  • Creativity – transcending traditional ideas or patterns to create meaningful new ideas 
  • Courage – facing difficulty without fear
Mission Statement

The Mission of the Clovis Fire Department is to provide for the fire and life safety of the community in the most professional, courteous and efficient manner possible.

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