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Water Conservation Irrigation Schedule

Water DropThe City of Clovis is dependent on groundwater and surface water for its water supply. Residents are encouraged to conserve water with a goal of 20% reduction in their personal use and particularly for landscaping irrigation. Because we are committed to conservation, the following outdoor watering schedule is in effect throughout the City: 

  • Customers with EVEN numbered addresses will be allowed to use water outdoors on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 
  • Customers with ODD numbered addresses will be allowed to use water outdoors on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays 

During your watering day, you are not restricted to a particular hour for watering. Please keep in mind that watering earlier in the day will reduce the amount of evaporation that occurs. 



Water Conservation
Water Conservation
 TitleModified DateSize
Consumer Confidence Report for Water Delivery6/6/201456.20 KB
Drought Tolerant Plant List4/16/201226.26 KB
Emergency Water4/16/201270.05 KB
Hi-Efficiency Washing Machine Rebate Program1/8/2015111.91 KB
Ultra Low-flow Toilet Rebate1/8/201578.09 KB
Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance4/16/20125.50 MB
Water Saver Checklist4/16/201240.14 KB
Help Conserve Water

You can help conserve water by following these guidelines: 

  • Landscape Audits - If you would like to get ideas on how to save water in your landscape irrigation, please contact the City at 324-2609 to schedule an audit. Staff can assist with programming sprinkler controllers and provide tips on how to reduce your water needs for outside irrigation. 
  • Drought Tolerant Plants - The City has developed a list of plants which are very low, low and moderate water using plants to assist customers in selecting the appropriate plants for their landscapes. Plants which use similar amounts of water should be grouped together and be placed on the same sprinkler valve so that irrigation can be tailored to the plant's specific water needs. 
  • Interior Audits - Audits of interior water use can be arranged by calling 324-2607. The City can provide low flow shower heads, faucet aerators and provide tips on how to reduce your interior water needs. 
  • Swimming Pool Draining - Customers need to contact the Public Utilities Department at 324-2600 prior to draining their swimming pool. Pool water must be clean, dechlorinated and the gutter clear of obstructions in order to drain to the gutter. Water which is chlorinated, has diatomaceous earth, algae or other impurities must be drained to the sanitary sewer cleanout. For additional information, please contact the Public Utilities Department at 324-2600. 
  • Water Saver Homes - Water Saver Homes are homes that include features that will save customers both water and money. Builders that would like to have their homes featured as Water Saver Homes should fill out the Water Saver Home Checklist with the required documentation and submit it to the City for review.
  • Central Valley Friendly Landscape Awards - The Central Valley Friendly Landscaping Awards program recognizes Central Valley gardeners who follow water-wise gardening practices.  The program is open to residential gardeners and for the first time, commercial landscape, within the Fresno/Clovis metropolitan area.  The goal of the program is to recognize local landscapes as a community model, encouraging others to protect and conserve our water and other natural resources.  To learn more information about the program, please visit the website at or click on the information brochure link Central Valley Friendly Landscaping brochure.   






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